Trump’s supporters are now fully brainwashed by the fake QAnon craze which was started on a teen message board but is also being promoted by adults such as Jerome Corsi and Alex Jones (disinfo agents), Steve Pieczenik (former CIA psychologist) and others who should know better. If it was perpetrated by some anonymous LARPers just looking for some fun, they sure got it. They must be by now, laughing their asses off every time they post “code” which the faithful scramble to decipher. These Jesus-freaks and Johnny-come-lately “patriots” who think they are “woke”, see a few facts that “Q” gets right about the evils in government, but then ignore much of what is really going on, making excuses for Trump and his neocon administration’s actions every time he says something which turns out to be the opposite of what is actually happening.

Nevermind that Trump betrays his voters more every day, they believe that a huge conservative revolution and eradication of the “deep state” is just about to happen, and that this virus was merely a means to allow the white hats to round up the criminals. Many of them actually think the virus is fake and what they are seeing happen in other countries is the work of “crisis actors”. Meanwhile, judging from the neocons who support the “movement” Q is a more likely a huge Mossad psy-operation meant to calm down and neuter any REAL conservative resistance. Just trust Trump and do nothing, it suggests, while he leads them off a cliff, to the very thing they purport to want to stop.

Fake American Christians such as members of CUFI, and their carnival-barker pastors, tell Christians to relax and wait for world government. Armageddon is needed before world government can be achieved, according to the Chabad Lubavitchers and Cabalists. Trump and his family are members of the Cabal, always have been. According to their teachings, Christians are considered “idolators” and thus slated for eradication when their prophesized new world takes over. These proclamations are taken directly from actual documents and speeches by the Chabad, who say that in the end, each will have 2,800 goyim slaves. Yet Christians continue cheering for their own demise, ignoring the “Zionist factor” as the real threat, and instead continue stirring up hatred for Muslims which is of course necessary to the Zionist cause.

Some of the wilder theories the Q followers believe in are that Hillary is in leg irons, Obama is a clone, Oprah was arrested for sex trafficking, Pope Francis is in reality Frank Sinatra, and JFK Jr. will come back from the dead to run for president and save the world. We kid you not.. they actually believe this stuff!

They think the “deep state” is Democrats only and no Republicans could ever be involved, let alone Trump. They are waiting for JFK Jr. nevertheless. A lot of these folks were admitted former Obama cult members. For Trump we call them #Cult45 and they have been sucked into the partisan perfidy via the Hegelian Dialectic (Example: if xyz person/group attacks Trump he must not be on our side!)

Scammers like David Wilcox also ignore the Israeli connection and claim that ETs from Pleaides are about to save the Earth in what they call a cosmic “event”. They think the Illuminati will be destroyed by an “alliance” made up of the good guys and the aliens, and the planet will be saved. Just relax and meditate they advise.

Sadly, as for some of Trump’s bigger broken promises, Hillary was never brought to justice, there is no wall, the debt has increased by trillions and we are sending more troops than ever to die overseas.

Did these people learn nothing from the Ron Paul Revolution?

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