by Charlotte Iserbyt

This is an update of 4-12-2018 to a previous article. Be sure to listen to the AUDIO.

(A) The Heritage Foundation Agenda

1. Heritage Foundation’s Stuart Butler, UK origin, was involved in Heritage Foundation policy making from 1969 to 2014 when he went to work for the liberal/leftist Brookings Institute. Butler drafted Heritage Foundation’s effort to craft socialized health care legislation. He later had second thoughts regarding his original proposal.

Assuring Affordable Health Care for All Americans

Conservative Thinker Stuart Butler Leaves Heritage for Brookings

2. Heritage Foundation’s Richard Allen drafted the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

From The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, 1999 version, pages 303-304:

THE 1993 ANNUAL REPORT OF THE HERITAGE FOUNDATION OF WASHINGTON, D.C., dedicated to their twentieth year celebration, revealed the following:

“The idea of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) originated with Heritage Fellow Richard Allen and has long been advocated by Heritage policy analysts… The idea of creating a North American free trade zone from the Yukon to the Yucatan was first proposed by Heritage Distinguished Fellow Richard Allen in the late 1970s, refined by then Presidential candidate Ronald Reagan, and further developed in a major 1986 Heritage Foundation study.”

[Ed. Note: The Free Trade Agreement got the ball rolling for the development of skills standards by the newly formed National Skills Standards Board, endorsed by the U.S. Labor Department Secretary’s Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS) study originated under Labor Secretary Elizabeth Dole, and eventually led to the School-to-Work Opportunities Act and the dumbing down of American education curriculum for workforce training. With all of this emphasis on “standards” it should be pointed out that NAFTA allows exchanges of all categories of professionals, with those coming from Mexico and Canada having met their own countries’ standards, not necessarily equal to those required in the United States.

If this process evolves the way most of these exchange processes have in the past, that disparity will be addressed in one of two ways—by changing U.S. standards to match foreign standards, or by altering both NAFTA nations’ standards to align with international standards like ISO 9000 or ISO 1400 monitored by UNESCO. This should be of concern to professional organizations in the United States.]

3. Heritage Foundation gave its strong support to President Reagan’s signing of the education, cultural, and other exchange (municipal, regional government, et al) agreements with President Gorbachev of the Soviet Union, and Carnegie Corporation’s agreement with the Soviet Academy of Science, 1985. the deliberate dumbing down of america , page 229

Edwin Fuelner, President Of The Heritage Foundation (Considered by some to be the foremost “conservative” think tank in the nation), chaired the United States Information Agency’s (USIA) Commission on Public Diplomacy in 1986. The annual report carried a cover letter from Feulner as chairman encouraging the acceptance of its recommendations. Under “Educational and Cultural Programs, Exchanges and International Visitors” the report states in part: The Commission urges USIA, the Department of State, and the relevant private sector organizations to move quickly to develop specific programs for U.S.-Soviet exchanges pursuant to the General Exchanges accord, other exchange initiatives undertaken at the Geneva Summit and the agreement by President Reagan and General Secretary Gorbachev to review these programs at their next meeting.[Ed. Note: The Heritage Foundation later established an office in Moscow, ostensibly to oversee Russia’s “hoped-for” evolution from communism to free market economics.]

Reagan Administration Allowed Soviet Takeover Of Education – NH Tea Party Coalition

4. Heritage Foundation was principal mover and shaker behind restructuring of education from academics to workforce training and tax-funded school choice and charters with UNELECTED boards necessary for implementation of lifelong Soviet (communist/corporate fascist) polytechnical workforce training education, being implemented nationwide under direction of former U.S. Secretaries of Education, including President Trump’s appointee, Betsy DeVos, a leading supporter of tax-funded school choice and charter schools.

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, page 426 :

Nina Shikraii Rees of the Heritage Foundation Of Washington, D.C., wrote an article entitled “Time to Overhaul the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965” which recommended a major shift in the traditional philosophy of education from an emphasis on inputs to an emphasis on outputs. An abstract of her article which was published in a Heritage Foundation

Press Release dated December 2, 1998, follows:

During the reauthorization process of the 1965 Elementary and Secondary Education Act, the 106th Congress has a historic opportunity to change the course of K–12 education. Congress needs to shift the goals of the ESEA from one confined to inputs to one focused on achievement. Congress can make this happen by sending more federal dollars to the classroom instead of to education bureaucracies; empower parents, teachers and principals; boosting the quality of teachers; and allowing flexibility and demanding accountability. Sending money tothe same old federal education programs will waste precious education tax dollars and allow American students to fall even further behind their counterparts in the developed world.

[Ed. Note: If what Ms. Rees recommends is authorized by the 106th Congress, the course of K–12 education will be more than changed. It will be eliminated, to be replaced by K–12 school-to-work training, required by NAFTA and GATT, both of which are supported by Ms.Rees’s employer, the Heritage Foundation. As sensible as the above recommendations may appear at first sight, as one moves carefully through the text one can identify key words which should raise red flags for those opposed to the philosophy behind Goals 2000 and the School-to-Work Opportunities Act.

When Ms. Rees says “Congress needs to shift the goals of the ESEA from one confined to inputs to one focused on achievement” she really means she supports outcome-based education,since the word “achievement” as she has used it means “outcome.” She then goes onto recommend all the “nasties” associated with Marc Tucker’s National Center on Education and the Economy which are also associated with all recent restructuring legislation, as well as with outcome-based education: “empowering of parents, teachers, and principals”; “sending more federal dollars to the classroom”; “boosting the quality of teachers”; “allowing flexibility”; and “demanding accountability.”]

5. The Heritage Foundation’s Edwin Meese, with the late Caspar Weinberger, former cabinet official, was deeply involved in the White House Private Sector Initiative (corporate fascism) in 1981 (merger of the public and private sector). I, Charlotte, served as U.S. Dept. of Education liaison to that unconstitutional White House initiative.

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America 1999, page 205:

An article entitled ‘INDUSTRIAL POLICY URGED FOR GOP’ was published in the Washington Post on May 14, 1984. Excerpts follow…

SAN FRANCISCO (UPI)—A conservative study group founded by supporters of President Reagan is about to issue a report that advocates Republicans shed some of their deep-rooted antipathy to a planned economy.

An industrial policy accepted by both political parties and by business and labor is essential to revitalize America’s dwindling clout in the world economy, according to the study’s editor, Professor Chalmers Johnson of the University of California. “The Industrial Policy Debate” is to be issued today by the Institute for Contemporary Studies, a think-tank founded by presidential counselor Edwin Meese, Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger and other Reagan supporters.”

Caspar W. Weinberger Dies at 88 – The New York Times

Edwin Meese III

6. Maine Heritage invited a New Zealand professor in to speak regarding the glories of consolidation/regionalism (communism). I attended the conference in Augusta about ten years ago. Maine’s so-called “conservative” Governor LePage is 100% controlled by Maine Heritage, supports tax-funded private education and charter schools with unelected boards, and has recently signed executive orders to further consolidate our schools for workforce training and to take control of the prison system at the state level.

7. Heritage Foundation published last September, 2017, Edwin Meese’s paper supporting Community Oriented Policing System (similar to the East German STASI policing system) which is now going in all over the country: last nail in coffin.

Web of Surveillance: East German Snitching Went Far Beyond the Stasi – SPIEGEL ONLINE – International

Maine has been a leader in all the above treason.

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, page 14:

The Christian Science Monitor Of August 8, 1927. Quoted from an address to the Federation of Education Associations (WFEA) at their Toronto, Canada conference deliveredby Dr. Augustus Thomas, commissioner of education for the state of Maine. Excerpts from Dr. Thomas’s revealing address follow:

“If there are those who think we are to jump immediately into a new world order,
actuated by complete understanding and brotherly love, they are doomed to disappointment. If we are ever to approach that time, it will be after patient and persistent effort of long duration. The present international situation of mistrust and fear can only be corrected by a formula of equal status, continuously applied, to every phase of international contacts, until the cobwebs of the old order are brushed out of the minds of the people of all lands.

This means that the world must await a long process of education and a building up of public conscience and an international morality, or, in other words, until there is a world-wide sentiment which will back up the modern conception of a world community. This brings us to the international mind, which is nothing more or less than the habit of thinking of foreign relations and business affecting the several countries of the civilized world as free co-operating equals.”

Since Heritage has an affiliate in most all states (“Heritage” not always mentioned in state affiliate name), your state could be equally involved in this treason. For information regarding the history and funding of your state’s extremely well-hidden national Heritage Foundation “rabbit trail” connection, click on just one state’s connection:

Maine Heritage Policy Center – SourceWatch

[It is important to remember that the Heritage Foundation has prepared policy guidelines (briefing books) for all Republican Cabinet Secretaries since the election of President Ronald Reagan in 1980.]

(B) The Heritage Foundation And Council For National Policy (CNP) Have Hijacked The Traditional Conservative Movement, Starting With The Heritage Foundation And Council For National Policy Support For The United Nations:

The late Rosalind Kress Haley was considered the Grande Dame of the Council for National Policy (CNP).

(The CNP Membership List )

I, Charlotte Iserbyt, had met Rosalind Haley through a mutual friend. It was through this mutual friend that I was introduced to the late Norman Dodd [Video – Norman Dodd On Tax Exempt Foundations] , Research Director, Investigation of the Tax-Exempt foundations, who exposed the plans to use tax-exempt foundations to bring about a merger between the United States and the Soviet Union.

Roz and I were in touch off and on during the 1980s. Roz was especially upset over the Heritage Foundation’s support for the United States-USSR Education and Cultural Exchange Agreements signed between Presidents Reagan and Gorbachev in 1985, and the Carnegie-USSR Agreement with the Soviet Academy of Science.

In 1996, I, Charlotte, having become extremely upset regarding foreign military exercises taking place on USA soil, called Roz Haley. Roz was equally upset, so we decided to send a written request to all members of the CNP to garner support for our plan to get the USA out of the United Nations.

At that time there was legislation (H.R. 2535) sponsored by former Congressman Joe Scarborough, FL (now a famous cable TV host) calling for United States withdrawal from the United Nations.

Roz Haley and I assembled many articles from national press regarding the subject of foreign military exercises taking place on USA soil, history of the United Nations, etc. and enclosed them in a big brown envelope, with a letter signed by Roz, to each member of the CNP, requesting he/she support our effort to get Americans to support HR 2535’s call for United States withdrawal from the United Nations.

The idea (very low-cost project) was for us to contact our lists of grassroots activists to ask that they (individually, at the basic local level) very simply have hundreds of postcards reproduced with the following text and send them/and or distribute them at the local, state, and national levels, thus bypassing the controlled media:

“Share These Truths! The UN Charter (by Soviet agent Alger Hiss and Russian-born Leo Pasvolsky) will replace our U.S. Constitution and our freedoms in the planned socialist world government.”

“U.N. Secretary General Boutros Boutros Ghali (annual pay $217,546 has called for a world income tax (1/16/96)”.

“Children are being dumbed down and trained as world workers in specific, no choice, career slots starting in grade 4 (Federal School-to-Work legislation)”.

“Request your Congressmen (800-972-3524) support H.R. 2535 U.S. withdrawal from United Nations. Ask Senators (800-962-3524) to sponsor a similar bill in the U.S. Senate”.

“We will be living a nightmare under global tyranny UNLESS YOU SHARE THIS INFORMATION citizen to citizen, state by state, nationwide. Make exact copies and distribute everywhere! DEMAND AMERICAN FREEDOM!!”

On the back of the postcard we left half for recipient address; the other half carrying the following text:

“Pass-It-Along Plan: Reproduce 4 copies at a time (USPS postcard size) on 8-1/2×11 HEAVY paper to be cost effective; can be faxed and or put on Internet.”

“Mail to friends and include with holiday cards and paid bills. Always carry a pack of these cards in your pocket or bag/purse to leave in public places, under windshield wipers, on bulletin boards, in professional offices – EVERYWHERE!

“This pass-it-along project MUST cover the country by Jan. 1, 1997.”

“Do Your Part Before It Is Too Late To Save Our Freedom!”

My son Samuel (, U.S. Marine combat veteran in Gulf War I, who was/is computer savvy, located the CNP membership/address list on Internet, and made address labels for large brown envelopes.

Roz and I wrote a cover letter and, because I was so detested by most neoconservatives by that time, we decided that she, alone, a most highly-respected member of the Heritage Foundation and member of the CNP, should be the one to sign the letters to members of the CNP.

I stuffed all the envelopes, put postage on them, and mailed them.

We had only one response, out of several hundred letters sent, from Lou Sheldon of Traditional Values.

A Family Business

How much more evidence does one need than the above litany of pro-leftist Heritage Foundation positions, including the dismissal of our request by Council for National Policy/Heritage Foundation members, to prove that both groups and their members have no problem with the communist agenda of the United Nations? Or are they “deliberately dumbed down”?

If that were not the case, why would they not have supported philosophically and financially, a truly grassroots effort to extricate the USA from the jaws of the communist United Nations?

CNP didn’t know I was involved in the project, so it was not because members detest Charlotte Iserbyt. Members were evidently instructed from somewhere high up to ignore even the request of a very distinguished member of the HF/ CNP by the name of Rosalind Haley!

Who from high up pulled the plug on our effort?

More on Rosalind Kress Haley

Haley Personal Series [3 boxes] contains J. Evetts Haley’s and Rosalind Kress Haley’s personal and political correspondence; positional writings; Ed Walsh (Texas representative) and some J. Evetts Haley campaign materials; bios; UNESCO material including mailing lists, speeches, extensive correspondence and clippings. The time span is 1950s – 1990s. The J. Evetts Haley and Rosalind Kress Haley material was not separated in the original files. Correspondence includes John Connally, Philip Crane, Ronald Reagan, Arch B. Marshall, Nickey Loeb, and Howard Kershner. Other noted individuals include Wendy Borcherdt, Dan Lyons, and Betty Russinoff.

Note: I guess Roz’s considerable correspondence with me, Charlotte, the troublemaker, was judiciously not included in the Rosalind Kress Haley Personal Series.

May Rosalind Haley, a lovely, brilliant, patriotic American lady, rest in peace.