by Charlotte Iserbyt

Nothing much shocks this writer anymore. The misnamed Patriot Act, the Orwellian Office of Homeland Security, Bush’s alliance with ex-KGB Putin, the trampling on our God-given rights through UN treaties, the United Nations Lifelong Education Plan referred to by the National Alliance of Business as Kindergarten-Age 80.

Today, the day before Thanksgiving, it is snowing here in Maine, and very beautiful. I had decided to live my other life, the normal one which finds me staring out the window at the gorgeous ships captains houses on our street, enjoying the smells of the woodstove and my husband’s pumpkin pies emanating from the kitchen, taking my dachshund for a walk in town.

Today I was just going to pretend I live in the America of yesteryear… America, the envy of the rest of the world that has decided it wants to emulate the rest of the world by becoming part of a totalitarian international order based on the “failed” and “cruel” system of socialism, fascism, communism. I was going to try to forget how our country is being taken from us, without firing a shot. (This stealing of our free political and economic system can perhaps be attributed to the “deliberate” dumbing down of America since if one does not know what form of economic and political system one has one doesn’t care if it is taken away from him.)

And then, all of a sudden, I was jolted by news that our conservative, born-again Christian (member of The Order… Skull and Bones… Yale University) President Bush has appointed “enemy of all enemies of America”, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, to lead an investigation of the September 11 attacks.

Of all people! Truly, Dubya, couldn’t you have found someone a bit less controversial, someone whose track record does not include the following information? What a nasty “in your face” thing to pull on us the day before Thanksgiving.

As a writer, I have remained quiet for many years holding onto the following information regarding Kissinger since I hoped that he had completed his dirty work (wrong) and was no longer a threat (wrong).

In 1974 a very important little book entitled “Henry Kissinger… Soviet Agent” was written by the late Frank A. Capell, one of America’s great patriots. Some background information on Capell follows:

Capell was an Associate Editor of The Review of the News and American Mercury magazine and his articles appeared intermittently in over forty publications. Beginning as an undercover criminal investigator (tight-roper) for District Attorneys and Police Commissioners, he later became Chief Investigator of the Westchester County (N.Y) Sheriff’s Office. In this capacity he established a Bureau of Subversive Activities and supervised the investigation of thousands of individuals and organizations, including Nazis, Fascists, and Communists.

For the benefit of younger readers who know little about Henry Kissinger, let me give them some background information on Kissinger and his world government policies taken from Capell’s book.

“Kissinger has stated, ‘Ending the war (in Vietnam), [which by the way was a United Nations War, ed] honorably is essential for the peace of the world. Any other solution may unloose forces that would complicate prospects of international order.’ And this is what Kissinger and his intellectual colleagues want: international order, which would consist of World Government in a World of Disarmament. Kissinger recommended a start toward this in “The Troubled Partnership” in 1965 in which he found a need for improved consultation among the allies. He advocated a ‘United Europe with federal supranational institutions as the precondition for an Atlantic partnership,’ or regional government. (p 21)

Iserbyt Note: Former President of the Soviet Union Gorbachev, during a visit to London in March 23, 2000, referred to the European Union as “The New European Soviet”. The New American, June 17, 2002.

“Professor Henry Paolucci, of St. John’s University, wrote a study about Kissinger which appeared in the Congressional Record of August 4, 1971, a portion of which states: ‘Henry Kissinger, too, expressed as recently as 1965 the conviction that the time was at hand for a surrender of nationhood because ‘institutions based on present concepts of national sovereignty are not enough.’ The ultimate goal of a supranationalist world community, he wrote, ‘will not come quickly; many intermediate stages must be traversed before it can be reached. It is not too early, however, to prepare ourselves for this step beyond the nation-state.'” (p 21)

“The shape of the New World Government was foretold in Commentary, the official magazine of the American Jewish Committee in New York, which stated in 1958: ‘The international government of the United Nations, stripped of its legal trimming, then is really the international government of the United States and the Soviet Union acting in unison.’ (p 5)

Iserbyt Note: This comment by the AJC in N.Y. reflects clearly what Norman Dodd, the Research Director of the Reece Committee to Investigate the Tax Exempt Foundations was told in 1953 by Rowan Gaither, President of the Ford Foundation: “Mr. Dodd, all of us here at the policy making level of the foundation have at one time or another served in the OSS (Office of Strategic Services, CIA (forerunner) or the European Economic Administration, operating under directives from the White House. We operate under those same directives…The substance under which we operate is that we shall use our grant making power to so alter life in the United States that we can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union.” (p 46-47), the deliberate dumbing down of america… A Chronological Paper Trail, Iserbyt. President Eisenhower signed the first agreements with the Soviet Union in 1958 during the peak of the Cold War. President Ronald Reagan and the Carnegie Corporation signed extensive agreements with the Soviet Union merging the United States and Soviet education systems. These agreements are still in effect even though the Soviet Union and communism are supposedly dead.

Now to the meat of this story, much of which has been copied from Capell’s “Henry Kissinger… Soviet Agent” published in 1973.

“An anti-Communist who infiltrated Polish Communist Intelligence and rose to the equivalent rank of general has now named Henry Kissinger as a Soviet agent, recruited into a special group known as ODRA while he was a sergeant in the U.S. Armed Forces in Germany during World War II. The information obtained from this general was found to be accurate in all cases where it was checked out. He was responsible for uncovering a long list of KGB (Soviet intelligence) and GRU (Soviet Military Intelligence) agents and officers. Among these were Soviet colonel Koilon Molody, alias Gordon Lonsdale, and his four agents, Henry Houghton, Ethel Gee, and Peter and Helen Kroger, alias Cohen, operating in Great Britain. Through Houghton was developed the case of KGB agent John Vassal of British Naval Intelligence official connected with MI-6 in London. Another case was that of George Blake, a very high British Intelligence official connected with MI-6 in London. (p 2-3)

“Firmly entrenched KGB and GRU networks in many parts of the Free World were not only uncovered by this informant but the individuals were arrested, tried and convicted. In the United States, however no action was taken on his information.

(p. 3)

“It was in 1961 and 1962 that our source informed the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) about Kissinger who at that time appeared to be an unimportant Harvard professor. In 1973 he again brought the matter to the attention of the British Security Service and American Intelligence since Kissinger was no longer “unimportant,” having become President Nixon’s National Security Adviser. Since the controlled press and communications media have given no publicity to the charges concerning Kissinger, only those persons with access to small independent publications have learned that Kissinger has been named as a Soviet agent. Many persons, however, have come to the conclusion based solely on his activities. (p 4)

“It was while Kissinger was serving with the U.S. Armed Forces in Germany during World War II that he became a member of a secret Soviet network, one of a series of intelligence and counterintelligence groups, some of which were reorganized at the end of World War II and continue in place to this day. This information had been furnished to U.S. and British intelligence services in 1961 and 1962, and 1973, only to see it completely ignored. The Review of the News of March 20, 1974 first published the story which was also recounted in the Confidential Intelligence Report of The Herald of Freedom in April, 1974. The source was Col. Michael Goleniewski whose real name is Aleksei Nicholaevich Romanoff. The true identify of Aleksei as the heir to the All-Russian Imperial Throne is known to the governments of the United States, Great Britain, and other countries. On June 11, 1971, the New York Daily Mirror announced the exclusive publication of “Reminiscenses and Observations” by H.I.H. Aleksei Nicholaevich Romanoff, the heir to All-Russian Imperial Throne, Tsarevich and Grand Duke of Russia, and head of Russian Imperial House. In introducing him as a columnist, the Daily Mirror stated: “Herman E. Kimsey, former Chief of Research & Analysis of the Headquarters of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, in an affidavit signed June 3, 1965, said ‘I m convinced, and I continue to be convinced, that the person referred to as Col. Goleniewski is in fact the Tsarevich and Grand Duke Aleksei Nicholaevich Romanoff of Russia, and son of Emperor Nicholai II of Russia.’ (p 74-75)

Note: (The author of this article [Iserbyt] corresponded with Col. Goleniewski in the mid- seventies. Unfortunately, my very important file on this case was destroyed in a fire, including correspondence with Goleniewski and an article in The Bangor Daily News regarding Look Magazine’s plans to publish Goleniewski’s memoires, which to my recollection never took place!)

“The story of ODRA and Henry Kissinger’s connection with it was disclosed by Col. Goleniewski as follows: ‘ODRA’s principal purpose was the infiltration and penetration of military intelligence services in the West. … In 1954 an important courier, a woman of Greek-Russian nationality, had been murdered under mysterious circumstances and important material, together with approximately $80,000 of intelligence funds, disappeared.'” (p 77-78)

To make a long story short, “Col. Goleniewski had access to 1500 pages of documents related to this mysterious murder, which included a list of the names and code names and short data on the principal agents of ODRA. (p 79)

“Under the code name of “Bor” and described as an agent of ODRA was U.S. Sergeant (and later Captain) Kissinger, counterintelligence interrogator of the U.S. Army and instructor at the Military Intelligence School in Oberammergau. (p 80)

“The information concerning Henry Kissinger could be verified and confirmed by independent sources as there was no doubt he was in touch with Communist intelligence during his military service in Germany. Since his phenomenal rise to power in the United States government, Kissinger has been accompanied during his visits behind the Iron Curtain by staff officers of intelligence or counterintelligence of the KGB, which raises the question as to whether he is still in the service of the KGB. (p 81)

“The accuracy of information supplied by Aleksei (Col. Goleniewski) was attested to during the Senate Internal Security hearings entitled “State Department Security.” The committee’s chief counsel questioned a witness (John Norpel, Jr.) who had been with the FBI and State Department Security. He was asked, ‘Do you know of any information ever furnished to the U.S. Government by Goleniewski which turned out to be untrue or inaccurate?’ The witness answered, ‘I do not. No sir,’ and also testified that the considerable information supplied by Col. Goleniewski had been checked out and proved to be true in every case.” (p 82)

The following info is in addition to the above information regarding President Bush’s bizarre appointment to the Commission to Investigate 9/11.

In the mid-seventies when the SALT II (Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty) was being discussed by the U.S. Senate, the author of this article (Iserbyt) arranged for a Soviet defector by the name of Igor Glagolev to come to Maine to participate in a debate with Secretary of Defense Paul Warnke. This debate was arranged by Maine’s Chamber of Commerce. Glagolev did a superb job presenting reasons why the United States should not sign onto this Treaty. At dinner the same evening Glagolev informed me that prior to his defection, when he held a very high position in the Kremlin, he sat in on meetings at which David Rockefeller Sr. and Henry Kissinger were often present. At one of these meetings Kissinger shocked his Soviet audience by informing it that the United States was planning to pull out of Vietnam. This information, of course, was transferred to the North Vietnamese and put United States military forces at a great disadvantage.

Americans should demand of their Congressional representatives an investigation of Henry Kissinger’s track record before he is allowed to serve in any capacity on any committee for any purpose.