by Charlotte Iserbyt

For those who don’t understand (and I don’t blame them) who is running the show to destroy our form of government education, and economy: how can anyone know what has happened when the research of patriot activists has been boycotted by those running the agenda — the neoconservative Trotskyite movement that took over the Republican Party when Ronald Reagan was elected and have been running the show? Dems had pretty much done their job fine tuning the brainwashing in the schools and getting regional government (communism) into our states, since the sixties/seventies. Dems and leftist tax-exempt foundations, once Carter was out of office and Reagan was in, secretly turned agenda over to neoconservative Trotskyites, and put their feet up on their desks and went out to lunch!

I am not receptive to any material produced by Shane Vanderhart of the American Principles Project or from any of the neoconservative Trotskyite organizations, including Pioneer, Hillsdale, Heartland, Heritage, or any of Heritage’s 50 state affiliates which are all following Heritage’s Trotskyite agenda, and who have been lying to the American people regarding “everything education and political/economic” for many years and excluding the solid research provided them by not just me but by many other brilliant education researchers, such as Heaton, Hindman, some no longer with us, and some still with us whose names I will not mention, for obvious reasons. They know who they are, and God bless them. These Trotskyite tax-exempt organizations Americans consider to be “conservative” have boycotted every single publication or book or article that I have written since I was fired for leaking a document regarding computer technology to Human Events in 1982. Equally important books by other great patriot Americans have been boycotted as well.

It is utterly sickening to me to see all these tax-exempt wolves in sheep’s clothing raking in dues from innocent Americans NOW, after the ship has sunk, with “old” research which has been given new labels. Its as if it’s the same poison in bottles with new labels.

Regarding this particular Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) article by Shane Vanderhart (linked to his name above), this subject (although extremely important) has been researched and written about for over thirty years, under different labels. The late John Goodlad, probably the world’s No. 1 “education change agent” from at least the 1960s on until he died 3-4 years ago, discussed social emotional learning thirty years ago; saying that type of education would follow the globalist dumbing-down. The Goodlad Study is the Study I found at the National Institute of Education in 1981 in a storage room while looking for a typewriter ribbon. I have the whole tax-exempt/federally funded study which resulted in four books published by McGraw Hill: Schooling for a Global Age, Communities and their Schools, Arts and the Schools, and Goodlad’s book “A Place Called School”.

Now that the game is “up” the neocons discuss the subjects. I’ll never forget Jane Robbins of American Principles, a lawyer who manages to get her learned articles on education published in well-known national journals, stating in an article last year that she did not know what Outcome Based Education (OBE) really was until last year!

I have been writing about OBE for 33 years; all the research on it is in my 3D book, and originally was discussed in my little booklet “Back to Basics or OBE… Skinnerian International Curriculum” *necessary for US participation in a socialist one world government necessary for the early years of the twentieth century written in 1985 which was immediately boycotted by the neoconservative Trotskyites (every single neocon organization in the nation, without exception, including the Birchers). The major initial grant to pilot OBE went to South Korea in the sixties and seventies and was entitled “Education for Results: In Response to A Nation At Risk”, Vol.1: Guaranteeing Effective Performance by Our Schools by Robert E. Corrigan, Ph.D., and Betty O. Corrigan (SAFE Learning Systems, Inc.: Anaheim, CA, 1983). This particular paper was published in 1983 for the Reagan Administration’s use, and actually served as a springboard for implementing OBE.

Most of the experimentation history (pilot OBE/ML/DI) programs, including one in Korea discussed in this paper, were implemented in the 1960s and 1970s. The Education for Results Project, which basically called for using Corrigan’s Model (mastery learning/outcome-based education/management information systems) had the support of the following twenty key education change agents:

DR. LEON LESSINGER, Superintendent, Beverly Hills School District, Beverly Hills, CA; DR. JACK WARD, Associate Superintendent, Mendocino County, CA; DR. ROBERT KANE, Consultant, Teacher Preparation & Licensing Committee, State of California; DR. NOLAN ESTES, Professor of Education, University of Texas; DR. JAMES MCPHAIL, Chairman, Department of Educational Administration & Supervision, University of Southern Mississippi; DR. HOSEA GRISHAM, Superintendent, North Panola County School, Mississippi, President, Mississippi Association of School Administrators; DR. HINES CRONIN, Superintendent, Moss Point School District, Moss Point, MS; DR. MEL BUCKLEY, Superintendent, Newton Public School, Newton, MS; DR. ROBERT MORGAN, Director, Learning Systems Institute, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL; DR. ROGER A. KAUFMAN, Professor of Education, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL; DR. HOMER COKER, Teacher Corps Program, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA; DR. ANNETTE KEARNEY, Assistant Director, National Council for Negro Women, New York City; DR. JOHN PICTON, Beaverton, OR; DR. LOUIS ZEYEN, Deputy Executive Director, American Association of School Administrators; DR. WILLIAM SPADY, Director, Center for the Improvement of Learning, Arlington, VA; DR. GENE GEISERT, Professor of Education, St. John’s University, Jamaica, NY; DR. AL HOYE, Minneapolis Unified School District, MN; DR. WILFRED LANDRUS, Chapman College, Professor of Education, Orange, CA; DR. ROBERT CORRIGAN, Corrigan and Associates, Anaheim, CA; and MRS. BETTY CORRIGAN, Corrigan and Associates, Anaheim, CA. Lessinger.

Estes, Kaufman, Coker, Spady and the Corrigans are among the key proponents A–27 A–28 of OBE/ML and have been involved for many years.

The following are excerpts from “Education for Results”: PROLOGUE: Committing to the Feasible Delivery of Effective Educational Results, by Nolan Estes, prior U.S. Commissioner of Education, University of Texas, Austin… On April 26, 1983, the National Commission for Excellence in Education presented to President Ronald Reagan A Nation at Risk, a report on the status of quality education in the United States. This commission was formed by Secretary of Education Dr. Terrel Bell, in August 1981, to evaluate the current status of our national educational system in terms of its overall performance effectiveness; and, where appropriate, to propose changes in policy, practices, and programs to increase the effectiveness of our schools. The beginning of this reported decline in the performance effectiveness began in the 1960’s. As a Commissioner of Education (1965–1969), along with other Commissioners, we made substantial investments in grants and programs to develop more effective professional practices to replace those then in operation. We concentrated our investments in two major programs, namely: A. To increase learning effectiveness (mastery scores) for all learners; and B. To increase the management effectiveness of the delivery system to increase the measured success for learners.

If you are interested, read this 600-page initial document which formed the basis for Ronald Reagan and Utah Sec. T. H. Bell’s “A Nation at Risk” report which started the snowball rolling down the cliff. This was the pilot for the restructuring of American education for OUTCOMES BASED WORKFORCE TRAINING.

Are you aware of the premier Trotskyite Heritage Foundation’s agenda? Here it is:

1. Stuart Butler, Fabian Socialist from UK, arrived at Heritage in 1980 and was involved in FIRST effort to craft socialized health care legislation.

2. Heritage Foundation’s Richard Allen drafted the North American Free Trade Agreement

3. Heritage Foundation was strongly behind President Reagan’s signing education, cultural, and other exchange agreements with President Gorbachev of the Soviet Union and with the Soviet Academy of Sciences.

4. Heritage Foundation was principal mover and shaker behind tax-funded school choice and charters with UNELECTED boards necessary for implementation of Soviet polytechnical workforce training education.

5. Heritage Foundation’s Edwin Meese, with caspar weinberger, former cabinet official, was deeply involved in the White House Private Sector Initiative (corporate fascism) in 1981 (merger of the public and private sector).

6. Maine Heritage invited a New Zealand professor in to speak regarding the glories of consolidation/regionalism. I attended the conference in Augusta about ten years ago. Our so-called conservative Governor LePage is 100% controlled by Heritage and has signed executive Orders recently to further consolidate our schools for workforce training and to take control of the prison system at the state level.

7. Heritage Foundation published last September Edwin Meese’s paper supporting Community Oriented Policing System (aka East German STASI policing system) which is now going in all over the country: last nail in coffin.

Maine has been a leader in all this treason.

Is it too late?