by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt

President Bush’s “No Child Left Behind” could be referred to as “No American Left Alone” since what we are looking at is what the National Alliance of Business, which supports “planned economy,” refers to as Kindergarten through Age 80 Education/Training. This is basically the United Nations Lifelong Learning-Brainwashing Agenda under the umbrella of what will eventually be “unelected” school and community councils (council is defined as “soviet” in many dictionaries) which will make all decisions for us at the local level. Former Senator Bill Bradley, N.J., called for this on one of the Sunday morning talk shows about four years ago. The Governors, very recently at their NGA conference, discussed the use of unelected (politically-correct?) citizens to police our communities. This is so unbelievable I find it hard to even write about it.

Although President Bush, according to a Washington Times article by Bill Sammon, 1/9/02, said in regard to the education bill he signed that “Parents will have more information about the schools and more say in how their children are educated . . . from this day forward, all students will have a better chance to learn, to excel and to live out their dreams.” Pardon me, but this is a plain lie, and a lie embraced by Mass. Senator Ted Kennedy and others supporting this legislation as well. How can parents have a say in how their children are educated when the federal government is man-dating testing of children’s attitudes and values? (Sixty % of the test items on National Assessment of Educational Progress – NAEP are attitudinal.) Bush’s mandate for testing will of course call for a mandated federal curriculum since one can’t test what one hasn’t taught. What tiny bit of local control remained prior to this legislation will be swept away. School superintendents and good teachers are already complaining about having lost control.

Even the New York Times has problems with Leave No Child Behind. It bragged that the more than 1000-page giant education bill will “dramatically extend the federal role in public education” and, indeed, is “a breathtaking intrusion of the federal government on states’ control of education.”

This legislation, which passed 381-41 in the House and 87-10 in the Senate in January 2002, is accompanied by the largest dollar increase ever in federal education aid. Education Week, 1/9/02, describes the No Child Left Behind Act as follows: “The mega-measure is accompanied by the largest dollar increase ever in federal education aid. The Department of Education’s overall budget will rise by $6.7 billion in fiscal 2002, to nearly $49 billion.” (Emphasis added)

The legislation, although pretending to terminate the highly controversial Goals 2000 and the School-To-Work (STW) legislation passed in the nineties under President Clinton and initiated in the eighties under Presidents Reagan and Bush, Sr., actually continues the totalitarian agenda since all states have implemented the requirements of Goals 2000 and STW. Goals 2000 was originally called America 2000 under former President Bush who in addition called for implementing the Soviet system of workforce training in 1991 (See Congressional Record). This STW system calls for quotas for doctors, lawyers, janitors, etc. and limits freedom of choice for children or adults.

Minnesota and Indiana are two of the states that mandate children choose a job/career track in the 8th grade — just like Cuba or any other communist/socialist country! How accurate the National Alliance of Business has been to refer to this agenda as Kindergarten through Age 80 (life-long learning)!

The system is the UN’s lifelong learning (brainwashing) system called for by Lenin (a.k.a. international socialism). Very simply, such a communist system (Lenin’s world government) can only be implemented when the following components have been put in place. Very sadly, to say the least, most, if not all of the following actions have taken place. They are included in my book The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America . . . a chronological paper trail.


The chairman of the Communist Party, U.S.A., 1932, William Foster, in his book Toward a Soviet America, called for a U.S. Dept. of Education, the teaching of evolution, elimination of nationalism and religion in schools, the teaching of internationalism, and for the use of the Pavlovian method (direct instruction) on the students, etc., etc. Note: School choice is a Trojan Horse. The only requirement left to implement school choice is tuition tax credits or vouchers which will take over the private sector. If those choice proposals do not fly in legislatures or in Congress, federally-funded charter schools will be used, as is already the case in many states, to implement the school to work planned economic system.


The planned economy will come to us through school to work legislation. There will be quotas for jobs; no upward mobility for children. Students must select their careers by 8th grade. It is the same as the Cuban system. STW is implemented in all states. This is the failed elitist system which brought the Soviet Union down but which is still being used worldwide. And, now our Congress has voted to implement it. How deliberately dumbed down our Congress seems to be! They don’t even know what form of government and economy we are supposed to have. Of interest is that Lynne Cheney, wife of Vice President Richard Cheney, spoke eloquently, prior to the election, in opposition to the STW agenda being implemented in the United States. How sad that her advice was not sought or listened to in regard to this most controversial initiative which will result in changing our economic and political system.


The Washington Post refers to President Bush’s Faith-Based Initiative as “communitarianism” which is defined in most dictionaries as “a member or supporter of a communistic community” or “a communistic form of government.” The camel’s nose is under the tent right now with Bush using/funding churches to “tutor” students in failing public schools. Churches which accept federal monies will be controlled by the government as in fascist/communist countries. The same federal control applies to private schools or homeschooling families who accept one penny of federal money.


This control takes place through regional government which was referred to by a communist writer for Daily World as the Soviet system that has “worked so well in the Soviet Union!” Regional government is being implemented worldwide. The European Community is a good example of a major region being set up for the world management system (Lenin’s international socialism). Does anyone need to be reminded that unelected councils are appointed councils? Regrettably, we’re getting participatory democracy. You get to participate IF chosen!


The government will direct and fund health care through the schools (school-based clinics for all children regardless of income). Hilary’s health care system (socialized medicine) is being implemented without a whimper from those who fought its implementation. This seamless web includes all services under the umbrella of the school district (birth through death).


Community monitoring will be accomplished through the Community Oriented Policing System (COPS), put in under President Clinton. His administration laid ground work for a strong community crime control strategy with federal, state, and local partnerships to fight crime. From the Clinton Administration’s Law and Enforcement Strategy, March 1999, we read, “Across the country an expanded number of community police officers have been working together with block watches, neighborhood patrols, high school guidance counselors, probation and parole officers, religious groups and local businesses . . . “. President Bush is focusing more on community policing in schools. His recently passed Patriot Act will enforce this totalitarian agenda and limit citizen resistance. Eyes will be watching over us continually!


Business, education and religious partnerships with the government, pointed out above, extend the socialist/communitarianism agenda. An international conference entitled “Community Schools and Education Policy in Transition Countries During the 21st Century” was held October 9-13, 2000, in Omsk (Siberia) Russia. The goal was “to establish partnership between government education departments and the community school movement” (taken from Russian URL on Community Education.) Community Educator, out of Alaska, in the early 1970s at a Community Education conference in Washington, D.C., defined community education as the Chinese Communist system. Community education now comes under a variety of names including site-based management, regionalism, community Œwhatever’, school-based Œeverything’, lifelong Œanything’, sustainable development, communitarianism and other terms. (For those interested in this subject, education researchers are in possession of filing cabinets loaded with community education research, and may be contacted through Iserbyt. Deliberate Dumbing Down of America also carries several important entries on Community Education.)


Environmental legislation and sustainable development efforts (beginning with the Earth Summit, Rio 1992 and now finished with Earth Charter in 2000), implement controls on the right to own and use property as one wishes. The President’s Council on Sustainable Development (Clinton in 1996) helped form a joint effort between the U.S. Conference of Mayors and the National Association of Counties. They came together to form The Joint Center for Sustainable Communities. And the U.S. Conference of Mayors adopted a resolution endorsing the Earth Charter in 2001.


This psychological method is stimulus-response-stimulus dog/animal training. It has recently been referred to as the Direct Instruction method, which is failed OBE mastery learning. Direct Instruction (same as mastery learning) is now being used to teach reading and math and is especially necessary for workforce training for dumbed down “third world” skills. Skinner said “I could make a pigeon a high achiever by reinforcing it on a proper schedule.” Following this reinforcement method, teachers are forced to read from a script, use hand signals as in dog training, clap their hands and, pop candies in students’ mouths when they get the correct answer. President Bush is mandating this method in his legislation that calls for retraining teachers to use “scientific research based” teaching methods.

Not only is above reward and punishment method being used in the schools, one sees it all around in our communities with citizens who conform to the government agenda receiving rewards and those who resist being ignored, isolated or punished. CHRONOLOGICAL RECORD found in The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America . . . A Chronological Paper Trail:

1930s: Chamber of Commerce plans for UN, regional government, school vouchers, etc.

1932: William Foster, Chairman of the United States Communist Party, has his book, Toward a Soviet America published. It calls for everything that has since been implemented in our nation’s schools, including the establishment of the U.S. Dept. of Education.

1934: Carnegie Corp. plans to change America’s free economic system to socialism/collectivism in the New Order. They pilot an 8-Year Study using Outcome-based Education.

1942: Time Magazine publishes an article revealing plans for the Federal Council of Churches to implement world government.

1945: The United Nations is created by a majority of communists. Alger Hiss and his close friend, Canadian General and psychiatrist Brock Chisholm, made statements calling for using the schools (retraining the teachers) to get rid of the conscience (right and wrong).

1953: Congress set up the Congressional Investigation of Tax-exempt Foundations. Gaither, President of the Ford Foundation, tells Norman Dodd that foundations receive directions from White House in regards to using tax-exempt monies to change America so that it can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union.

1958: Eisenhower signs the first U.S.-Soviet agreements.

1965: The Elementary and Secondary Education Act moved our pre-1960 excellent education system from academics to behavior modification and values destruction (beginning of OBE/Skinner method).

1978: The U.S. Department of Education was created.

1981: Due to the Chicago disaster in 1981 when one half of the Chicago inner city school children dropped out due to Benjamin Bloom’s ten year mastery learning experiment on minorities, Spady et al changed the label to OBE. Thus, federal funding of OBE began in 1981. (D.I. is the new label for the failed mastery learning.) President Reagan implements public/private (corporate fascist) partnerships by creating the President’s Task Force on Private Sector Initiatives.

1982: President Reagan scheduled to meet with the developer of major Skinnerian mastery learning program in the Bronx, N.Y.

1984: The federally funded paper entitled “Shamanistic Rituals in Effective Schools” by sociologist Brian Rowan, Spady’s closest associate was presented at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association. It discusses conning inner city parents into believing their children are doing well by using “Effective School Research” (Pavlovian/Skinnerian ML/DI: teach to the test and manipulation of demographic statistics, etc.) Washington Post article entitled “Industrial Policy Urged for GOP” was published May 14, 1984. This article explained involvement of leading Republicans in advocating Republicans shed some of their deep-rooted antipathy to a planned economy.

1985: U.S.-Soviet (Reagan-Gorbachev) and Carnegie-Soviet Education Agreements merged the two nations’ education systems and set in motion a planned economy.

80s and 90s: These were years of involvement of Secretaries of Education, Bell, Bennett and Alexander, and President George Bush, Sr. in America 2000. Clinton continued America 2000, implemented by Secretary Riley, under the new name, Goals 2000.

1990s: Carnegie Corp.’s Marc Tucker, governors, corporations, etc. implemented Goals 2000 lifelong l learning out of UN and Soviet-style STW across country during nineties.

2001: President George Bush, Jr., embraced by Senator Ted Kennedy, MA and Congressman George Miller, CA, call for passage of H.R. 1, S. 1, which completes a socialist takeover. This is the final nail in the coffin. Has anyone looked inside to see who is being buried.


If you want to bake a cake you usually use a recipe which calls for certain ingredients; if you want to implement international socialism (communism) one would have to take certain actions over a period of time which are clearly spelled out in the Communist Manifesto and in William Foster’s “Toward a Soviet America,” and in many other books and documents. Those actions constitute a “recipe” so to speak. All those requirements have been met. I’ve spelled them out for you: free trade, international banking system, U.S. Dept. of Ed with teaching of evolution, humanism (atheism), internationalism, and use of Pavlovian method; faith-based initiatives (communitarianism defined in dictionaries as communism) and choice to control schools and community through the tax dollar, STW to control economy (planned economy), Patriot Act to control “us” when we resist. Now I ask, “What label would you put on a system which encompassed those elements?”

No longer can we who love America and what she stands for say “If we don’t do something, such and such will happen.” We are now obliged to say “International socialism has happened and the United States is a major player in this unthinkable agenda.” Isn’t this tragic? Americans were bamboozled when the Soviet Union fell apart, believing communism was dead, when in fact it simply leaped across the oceans.

We were taken through what I refer to as The Four-Prong Fork, a most diabolical undertaking:


(Put a frog in cold water, heat it up gradually and he stays until he’s dead). The top change agents at the UN, federal government and state government levels, including non-governmental persons and entities, have been at this game for over one hundred years.


This is the use of familiar, nice sounding terms, which have one meaning to good Americans and entirely different meaning to “change agents.” Example: Basic skills used to mean 3R’s; now it means believing in tolerance of all behavior; the need to move to an international system; the need for a new Constitution; the need for a new economic system.


Create a problem; people scream; impose solution; people embrace “it” — not realizing they have been taken to the cleaners through the deliberate creation of a problem. Example: Create high school budgets that create high property taxes which causes people to have to sell their houses and move. Then propose a solution to move funding of education from local to state level; the people embrace the idea since it lowers their property tax. However, locals have just lost all their control of schools to state, federal, and the international level. Also, dialectic includes moving from sound morals and values to situational ethics through constant discussion using group process. Pit “It’s wrong to lie” against “It’s OK to lie” and nearly all agree that lying is wrong. But through discussion and presentation of situations calling for compromise, one arrives at “Sometimes it’s OK to lie.” Then eventually, one comes to the realization it is OK to lie, or kill, or steal, or do anything else that makes one feel good anytime one feels like it.


Our money is spent on social engineering. Tax money is not spent on academic education as most people believe. It appears we are getting a lot of taxation and very little representation. SOLUTION (other than a tea-party) The only solution that has the remotest possibility of saving our country, outside of getting out of the United Nations, is to throw out all rascals who voted for this education legislation in the next elections. The litmus test for candidates running for Congress should be “will they work to abolish the U.S. Dept. of Education and break up that cozy, in-the-same-bed, relationship it shares with the Department of Labor and the UN?”

Choice proposals are traps supported by multinational corporations (David Rockefeller, etc., and by top education union officials — not teachers — who have no allegiance to the USA and care nothing for our children’s upward mobility or America itself.) Education must be returned to the local level, bypassing even state education agencies that take their orders from and receive between 60 and 80% of their operational budgets from the federal government.

Education must be restored to its state of excellence prior to 1960 – the best education system in the world. This can be done, and must be done, if our children are going to have upward mobility and if America is going to survive as a free country.

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